Kirsten from Food City has THE best sense of humor. She wins best thing ever award. If there was such a thing...


Oh I hope this sign stays up forever...but why? Why did the Food City in Bridgton decide to have this sign? Allow Kirsten to explain. She wrote on her Facebook page:


Jeff Parsons a customer came into the store saying that you were still whining about your name not being with Lori and Kylie on the muffin sign. She went on to say that "I HAVE TO GET YOUR NAME UP THERE! " Here you go! Have a great day Parsons!


Jeff tried to explain that he wasn't winning, just mentioning. That's when his girlfriend Michelle called him out!

You were whining ... I was listening.


Best thing ever. It's so amazing, I may get t-shirts made that says 'Ninny Baby'!

SIDENOTE: What is a ninny? According to

A ninny is a dump person or someone who acts as if they are lost and has no clue as to what is going on!

Stop Acting like a ninny.

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