Joan Lunden has a list of accomplishments a mile long. You know her and love her from 'Good Morning America' - but did you know she is also a year free from breast cancer?

It's a fight that she is glad she came through as a survivor, but the things she learned - she wants to share. So many women are fighting this fight without a good support system, without financial resources. Joan is dedicated to hooking those women up so they to can call themselves survivors too.

She has launched a new 24/7 on-line TV station:


 It's her chance to talk with you, to share her experience and learn from yours too!

She also has a memoir coming out in September, 'Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival'.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Joan, a part-time Mainer (she summers in Maine) and told her about our efforts to end breast cancer.