It's crazy to think that it's been two whole years, since I began this journey as an on-air Radio Personality with Q97.9. This is something I use to pretend to do as a 15 year old kid in my mom's Westbrook home. I'd record my own fake radio shows on the family computer. I would talk up songs, take celebrity interviews and cut my own questions in them... Yeah, I had a lot of free time when it wasn't wrestling season lol. It's just unreal to me that I get to do this for a living and It's something that I genuinely love. I've experienced some amazing things in these 2 years. Below i've attached some social media high-lights. The message I really want to get across is…..never be afraid to go for it, you're gonna fail... but that's half the fun sometimes. I have so many things left that I want to accomplish.. In which case I better get out of bed and put my phone down haha.

It all started for me thanks to this guy! My good buddy and mentor Rob Steele.

I've Performed and DJ'd and some really cool Q events! My first being Opening for Jake Miller at Asylum.

Mixing LIVE on Q97.9 A dream come true.

Doing what I love. (Candid)

I met Kylie, Introduced her to the Q Audience, and she turned me into an amateur YouTuber! lol

I LIVE to entertain. The Q listeners mean so much to me. I couldn't even begin to explain.

Interviewed some amazing acts such as MKTO.

Performing my Original music at the STATE THEATRE… wait what!!? Surreal moment for me.

Sometimes I sing… terribly and off key.. because its more fun that way! haha

When you SURPRISE your old High School and crash lunch hour.

DJ'ing at Old Port Fest… enough said.. WOW

There is a small look into my two years with the Q. I'm thankful everyday that Steelzy gave me a shot and taught me how this business works. Thank you my friend.
Thanks for reading -JR

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