'Tis the season, which means shopping centers are going to be maxing out from now until the holidays are officially over. That ultimately means that every single parking space at these shopping malls becomes precious. So when you see something like this, your immediate reaction is...WHY?

Reddit via OniExpress
Reddit via OniExpress

Shared on Reddit by OniExpress, someone delivered an absolutely brutal parking job at the Walmart location in Scarborough. It's one thing to park over a line and take up two spaces next to each other, it's a whole different level to not pull forward enough and really jam up 4 spaces in a crowded lot. it's as impressive as it is annoying.

There's a couple other things in this photo worth mentioning. One, it appears someone left their shopping cart in one of the semi-available parking spaces. It wouldn't be a big deal if there wasn't a cart return LITERALLY A FEW FEET AWAY. Come on.

Secondly, how do you get out of your car after this horrible parking job, look at it, and go "ehhh, good enough"? Like, how?

We hope you're ready for all the fun, excitement and good cheer the holidays can bring...

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