My girlfriends Wayne and Scott are now officially husband and husband.


On their 25th anniversary of being together, they decided to tie the knot. Why wait so long...well, life is short - and it was time.

It was as casual as you can get, and fun as anything with those two. We decided to eat first. And KFC was on the menu! They love KFC...who doesn't!


They even got mac and cheese...a side that is always a special treat!


This is the happy couple..not married yet.


Wayne had vows...Scott did not...I loved Wayne's vows.

First of all, I’d like to play you Bruce Springsteen’s “secret garden” followed by Last Fandango....for obvious reasons.


I’m kidding.


As a boy I never ever dreamed of myself being married.  Let alone even being happy, content and truly loved.  It just seemed so far from where I was at that time.
When I moved from home and began to grow as a person, I started a very precious collection, every piece so very valuable.  Many of those pieces in my/our precious collection are here in this room today.  The ones that aren’t physically here today I know are with us in spirit.  I am blessed/we are blessed with such an amazing family of friends and humbled to be able to share this moment with you.


One of my dearest friends, Barbara BT Burns always said this phrase whenever a beautiful moment happened upon us.  She would say, “How lucky are we”....and right now I feel is one of those moments.  I love you all, and especially you Scott Blake for putting up with me and sorting through my special kind of crazy.  I love you and you all forever. made me cry.

I officiated and kept it brief and simple. (SIDENOTE: I'm a Notary Public. In Maine and Florida, notaries can marry people!)  I thanked his friends, said they should kiss and then the whole, 'by the power vested to me...' thing and it was official! This is Wayne and Scott married.


Barbara was right...'How lucky are we?'  Congrats to my girlfriends, I will always be grateful I got to be a part of such a special day. Sorry I screwed up the marriage license...I fixed it!