This was such an epic find for me last Friday, and I'm so excited about it. I genuinely couldn't wait to share it with you too. Kombucha is one of my favorite "healthy" drinks, and I just found out last week that this little bar called Root Wild right in Portland brews up tons of their own flavors.

I've never seen kombucha "on-tap" the way draft beer usually is. This little place makes being healthy so fun. There's a plot twist here though. Are you ready for the best part? They make their own "hard kombucha", which is basically a hard seltzer, but make it kombucha. And they're all incredible.

Have you ever heard of a kombucha cocktail? I haven't either before I came across these guys. Check this out. It's a margarita mixed with kombucha instead of lime and all the artificial sugary mix.

On this same note, the seltzer bar scene has really blown up lately, and it's fantastic. If you're a local near Portland, you most likely know or have heard about Apres, which is a hard seltzer bar. I remember when they first came to town and opened up. I was blown away by how cool a bar with only hard seltzers on tap was.

How good does this look, since you're reading this while it's most likely below 30 degrees out?

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