Get ready Auburn. Krispy Kreme has announced where they will be opening by the end of 2016 and your life will never be the same.

Mainers have been wishing for the delicious goodness of a hot, gooey donut from Krispy Kreme for years now. The nearest Krispy Kreme to Mainers is in Connecticut, but that's going to change by Christmas.

According to the Sun Journal, Krispy Kreme will be opening on Center Street in Auburn in the former Paris Farmer's Union.

Google Street View
Google Street View

There are plans to redevelop the building to house several businesses with Krispy Kreme as an anchor.


The Auburn Krispy Kreme is the first of three Maine Krispy Kreme's planned to open within the next several years. Mainers will get their first local taste of Krispy Kreme when the Auburn location opens by Christmas. Joy to the World!


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