Since L.L. Bean announced a change to their returns policy because of the skyrocketing amount of losses from people abusing the policy beyond its intent, most people seemed understanding, but not all.

According to WGME, a man from Chicago has filed a class action lawsuit against L.L. Bean seeking up to 5 million dollars in damages for 100 Illinois residents, claiming that they "paid a particular price for L.L. Bean merchandise and a warranty with certain terms," and when L.L. Bean changed their policy last week, they were "deprived of the bargain."

An L.L. Bean spokesperson was quick to state that any items bought prior to the policy change will still be honored under the old policy, so it's unlikely this lawsuit will go anywhere.

You know, it's greedy people like this guy who forced L.L. Bean to change their policy that has seen them lose over $255 million dollars in returns that had to be destroyed because someone's 15-year-old pair of boots wore out.

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