We're all busy in our day-to-day lives and sometimes we need to pick a few items up while we're on the go. Typically, those items will cost a little bit more at a gas station or pharmacy, call it a convenience surcharge if you will. So if you forget to nab some Pringles or Coca-Cola at the local Hannaford, the surcharge is awfully steep at this Walgreens location in Lewiston.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Obviously, we're poking fun at the fact that this sign doesn't have any decimal points. You won't normally see the double zeroes added to signs because well, it can be confusing without that ever-so-important decimal point. For the casual passerby, it may cause a double take, 3 liters of Coke for $300? That's a little too pricey.

Some day every business is going to have a digital sign and we won't have these silly little errors to giggle about. But until then, save your pennies, because three cans of your favorite Pringles is going to run you $500. Almost feels like a real-life game of Monopoly. Good news, there's plenty of free parking.

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