I've lived in Maine my whole life. But really, more than a couple days here, at least outside of the touristy areas, you know we have our own language.

While scrolling endlessly on TikTok I discovered Nadine, @deani_re. You think of a lobstering Maine mom and I'm pretty sure she'd be the textbook example. She's wicked funny and wicked spot on. She has a series called "The Way We Talk in Maine" and she already has eight "pahts"!

Paht 1 jumps straight into the fact that we don't use our r's. Personally, I can never hear "deah" without thinking of my grandfather. It was never "dear". And who doesn't love the word "cunnin"?!

Paht 2 covers the classic, "pahk the cah!".

Paht 3 gets into some more phrases like "Hahd tellin' not knowin'." Also, Hannafids=Hannaford.

Pahts 4 through 7 are filled with more wicked funny gems. Covering hunting season, telemahketahs, how everyone knows everyone (until we don't then we're nosy), and of course the importance of Humpty Dumpty chips.

And most recently today, Paht 8! Nadine steps the game up with much more complex phrases.

Everyone either knows a Nadine or needs a Nadine in their life. TikTok Nadine is an absolute GEM! Be sure to follow for more Maine lingo and shenanigans!

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