Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams are the TV couple who could be seen on News Center Maine nearly every weekday for over 30 years, yet they worked completely different hours. Lee was an anchor on News Center Maine's Morning Report while Cindy anchored the evening news. It's a schedule that works for a family raising two boys.

Now that those boys have grown up and are successful in their own right, Lee and Cindy have both retired from the news biz, but haven't entirely disappeared from your TV.

Lee retired from News Center Maine in 2020, and Cindy retired a year later. The two have been enjoying traveling and other lines of work, one of which they both share as professional models and commercial actors.

Looking at those photos, you can tell how much they love each other and love their jobs.

Recently, I was watching something on TV and half-paying attention. I glanced up long enough to see a commercial for the Maine State Lottery, and could have sworn I saw a quick glimpse of Lee and Cindy. Sure enough, it was the celebrity couple.

The ad was for The Maine State Lottery's Reindeer Run promotion, where you can enter non-winning lottery tickets for a chance to win cash. Playing off the second chance theme, the commercial features a sculpture of an owl that gets re-gifted several times.

As the owl is boxed up and re-gifted, a shot from within the box shows the creation of the next receiver of the owl to their thoughtful gift. Lee and Cindy are the first to get it, and you tell how Cindy feels about the owl.

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