Did you have any doubt that legal marijuana in Maine would go over smoothly? This past weekend alone, marijuana retailers in the state of Maine made a quarter of $1,000,000 according to WMTW. We're only five days in $250,000. Recreational marijuana shops have been open since Friday, and in the city of Portland, there yet to still be open, but imagine how much of an influx of cash that will be in the state's largest Metropolitan area if in just four days were already at $250,000?

Which raises the question, why is this not legal everywhere? You can see the demand, and you can see that it is no longer taboo! When are they going to pull the trigger on the federal level finally? When I lived in Washington a few years ago, I was shocked by the fact that there were stores on every other corner that sold marijuana and people went in there they made their selection with people in white coats telling you precisely what you needed to know.

People and they bought it and went home, and there were no issues now it's happening in Maine; even though it's been legal here, you now have a place where you can safely go and purchase your product on a federal level though there are still arguments against this why? I would love to hear your thoughts until they do it on the national level; we'll enjoy this money right here in Maine, and hopefully, we will have newly paved roads next spring.


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