For the last several years, most of Maine's major cities have been home to one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America, Chipotle Mexican Grill. Augusta, Bangor, Westbrook, South Portland and Portland residents have made Chipotle a mainstay in their life, with long lines found at most restaurants during peak hours. So it seems like the right time for one more location in another one of Maine's largest metros, Lewiston/Auburn.

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According to the Sun-Journal, a new Chipotle Mexican Grill location is set to open in Auburn on 410 Center Street in the space vacated by Krispy Kreme. There had been a rumor circulating throughout the area weeks ago that Chipotle was eyeing that location, and that turned out to be more fact than pipe dream.

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If you're unfamiliar with how a Chipotle restaurant works (pre-COVID), you'd walk up to the counter (think Subway) decide on your menu choice (burrito, salad, taco, etc), your protein, your toppings and any extras and then cash out. All the food is made in-house and because of the quick service and great taste, Chipotle has been one of the chains in America with the quickest expansion rate.

Every Chipotle restaurant has a "look" and it's going to take some construction to transform what Krispy Kreme left behind into what Chipotle desires. Lewiston/Auburn residents are going to have to wait until the winter for a likely opening date.


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