It's time to let the animals loose...well, maybe not entirely loose.

The DEW Haven Rescue and Zoo announced that it's officially opening for the season on Saturday, May 14. The animal safe haven will be open on weekends through the spring, from 10am to 5pm.

A Maine "Zoo"

Located in Mount Vernon, Maine, Dew Haven describes itself as a "safe haven for our animals, and promoting society's education regarding animal wellness, respect, and conservation."

DEW Haven via Facebook
DEW Haven via Facebook

Even though the term zoo is utilized, it's not the "commercial zoo" that one would expect. DEW Haven started as a working farm and has transformed itself into a rescue and zoo. The safe haven has over 200 different species of animals from across the globe. This includes domestic animals, like bobcats, bears, and turtles, to more exotic species like chimps, tigers, and lions.

Yankee Jungle

DEW Haven gained national attention when the sanctuary was highlighted on the Animal Planet show, "Yankee Jungle." The reality series gave an in-depth look at the work being done by the staff and interns at the safe haven. The series ran for two seasons.

DEW Haven via Facebook
DEW Haven via Facebook

While DEW Haven is only open during the weekends in the spring, the schedule will ultimately expand in the summer months. The expected schedule will be from Tuesday to Sunday.

The Dew Haven Details

The family-friendly facility has a detailed website with questions, ticket info, and other various tidbits to help out with, including a pretty cool gallery of the sanctuary's residents.

Here's hoping for another happy and healthy year for all those incredible animals.

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