How much do you love maple syrup?

Do you love that sweet delicious taste after you pour it over pancakes, french toast, waffles, ice cream and whatever other foods you think should accompany it?

Well, you'll be ready to satisfy your love of maple with the return of Maine Maple Sunday Weekend on March 25 and 26.

According to, this will be the 40th year of the event and just one of the signs that spring is here. (Hard to believe spring starts March 20 when the state keeps getting hit with snowstorms.)

Most of the farms and sugarhouses involved will be participating on Sunday, March 26, but there are some with activities and events on Saturday as well.

And there are a ton of options for you. There are nearly 100 farms and sugarhouses, and you can find the complete list by clicking right here.

Two of the closest spots to Portland are Balsam Ridge in Raymond and Hilltop Boilers Maple Syrup in Newfield, but there are so many different choices depending on how far you're willing to travel.

While finding maple products to enjoy is key to Maine Maple Sunday Weekend, there are also a bunch of other things that the farms and sugarhouses have to offer including music, demonstrations, farm animals to pet, kids games and so much more.

Just make sure to check each individual spot for more details on what they are doing.

Get the full list of places to visit on Maine Maple Sunday here.

Ever wonder how long maple syrup has been around? Interstingly, according to the Maine Maple Producers Association, it's been available "long before the colonists arrived" but over hundreds of years, the product has been fine-tuned into the delicious sweet treat it is today.

In fact, there are four different grades of maple syrup, according to the University of New Hampshire, and they include golden, amber, dark or very dark. UNH states that if you want a stronger maple flavor, the darker the color of the maple syrup that you want.

Do you have a favorite? Did you know there isn't just one kind?

Either way, get ready for Maine Maple Sunday, and check out the full list of places to visit here.

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