Our friend across the hall, Rob Riccitelli from WCYY, was a radio and music geek before he got his job with CYY. Back in 1997, he guessed all six songs in the Q Sun Jam and won a trip to Jamaica! 

Rob and I had been talking for years about how he won the Q Sun Jam back in '97 from me. He said he had the tape somewhere and said one day he'd bring it in. When we decided to bring the Q Sun Jam back after 15 years, now was the time.

The tape was pretty static filled so I cleaned it up a bit so you could hear it, however cleaning it up created a reverb which I actually kind of like. Rob was living in North Conway at the time and apparently in an area that didn't get The Q all that well. That didn't stop him from playing though.

The Q was less than a year old. We signed on in November of 1996 and were still calling ourselves "The New Q97.9."

If I recall correctly, we had only introduced this Sun Jam the day before Rob won. He was able to rattle off all six songs, in order by artist and title. At the time only the first or maybe second song had been identified. Rob however nailed it.

We've been having some fun teasing Rob a bit about his enthusiastic "Q97.9 rules!" that he shouted out. We might have that looped somewhere. I won't tell you how old Rob was then, but let's just say he wouldn't get past the bouncer at any club in the Old Port.

If Rob can do it, so can you! You could win a trip to the Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando by identifying all six songs in the Q Sun Jam....2015 edition.

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