Beer and lobster are Maine staples in the summer. But lobster beer? It's in Maine and you can try it now!

Oxbow Brewery in New Castle has decided to combine the two. It's called Saison Dellaragosta (means Lobster Saison in Italian) and does have a subtle lobster and brine taste. A tad salty. The brewmaster Tim Adams says that he got the idea from his brewery partner in Italy who was in Maine and munching on lobster rolls.

You make it by dropping a net filled with a dozen lobsters into a boiling vat of unfermented beer. Tim says that it's not super lobstery. Very subtle.

Want some? You'd better head to Oxbow. They will make another batch, but it takes about a year to make - so it won't be ready until next summer!

You can find the lobster beer at Oxbow's tasting room in Portland and its brewery in Newscastle.

Saison Dellaragosta

Personally, I'll keep my beer and lobster separate. This sounds icky to me! You?

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