No one likes trashed beaches, but how many of us actually set aside a day, gather up supplies, and go out to collect the litter and clean them up?

Emma Gould

This Saturday, August 4th, Emma Gould and her new foundation Blue Future will be hosting a beach clean-up at Popham Beach by the fort from 10am-2pm.

Emma Gould/Blue Future

Gould is a recent high school graduate from Bath and is heading off to Eckerd College next week. She founded Blue Future with a grant she received from the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit last winter.

"It is important to remind people that the ocean is not our home but the home of whales, dolphins, turtles, sea birds, fish and so many other organisms and we need to be held responsible when we pollute their environment," Gould said. "So by setting up a tent and handing out gloves and trash bags, my goal is to keep their home as healthy as possible."

The organized clean-up at Popham Beach is Blue Future's third this summer, and Gould plans to continue the clean-ups every summer throughout her college career and beyond. Gould plans to major in marine biology and videography. She aspires to create documentaries focusing on ocean conservation and awareness.