Holiday burnout. It's a real thing; there's no denying that.

Sometimes we've had it with the cheer, and just want to curl up with a blanket and hide from the increased stressors, as well as parties and get-togethers. Then there's the shopping and shipping, and even the smiles and Christmas music.

But leave it to New Hampshire to be the last state in the entire country to burn out.

That's right, according to Rehabs, New Hampshire can handle the happiness and festive spirit longer than any other state, although we do burn out before Santa arrives.

This new study asked people how long they can survive before holiday exhaustion sets in, defining the season as Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Most people are already burned out around the country, while New Hampshire feels the loss of festive spirit by mid-December, according to the report.

Let's be honest, too, the term "hearty New Englanders" didn't become a thing for nothing.  We've always been known as resilient, and FUN!  So, how did our fellow New England states do in comparison?

Group of friends partying at the nightclub

We may need to revise that resilient New Englanders reputation when it comes to staying festive during the holiday season.

While Maine, followed by Connecticut, can pretty much hang with New Hampshire, according to Rehabs, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island felt the burnout barely into the first week of December.

Is there a solution?  While some of us are just fine lying low during the holidays, Inform says that sleep is the key to battling burnout in general.

That tip is most definitely not a surprise.

Other recommendations include the same things we always hear in relation to our health and wellness: meditation, journaling, exercise, and water.

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