Walter’s Closed in Portland, Maine

Two Portland Square here in Portland used to be home to Walter’s, a fine-dining restaurant that felt intimate, cozy, and modern. It was loved by locals and hosted many regulars every week, so when they closed in May, they had big shoes to fill.

Lenora Now Open in Portland, Maine

The shoes seemed to have been filled by the best replacement possible: Tacos.

I’ve been updating you guys on the opening of Lenora, which has replaced Walter’s spot at Two Portland Square, and they are finally open for business after teasing us over the last few months.

The new restaurant recently posted on Facebook declaring their opening date.

Lenora opened for business on Monday, Feb. 6 and is now open daily from 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. for breakfast tacos, bodega sandwiches, pastries, fresh juices, fruit parfaits, and a full espresso bar.

I’ve shoved so much taco content into your guys faces because tacos are extremely important to me, so I will be first in line when they open their doors for lunch and dinner which will be soon.

As someone who lived in Miami for a bit, something that is just as important to me as tacos is a good cup of café con leche. I’ve peaked their social media and I’ve checked out Lenora’s menu and I am soo excited to see café con leche available at the new spot.

I walk by every day for work so I will definitely be stopping by to grab some food in the very near future but I am mostly excited for lunch and dinner service.

As the Facebook post shares, you’re invited to grab stuff to go or “hang out and plug in” and as someone who works in a hybrid environment, I love places where I can grab some food or coffee and hang out for a bit with my laptop. For me, that is huge.

Lunch and dinner service will be available soon but in the meantime, they are slinging cocktails in the morning to get your day started!

So far, I love the spot’s aesthetic, menu and interior design, the vibe of the place, and what they have done and are planning to do with the space.

I really look forward to trying out their tacos!

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