Lucky Tim is an incredible pup with a big mission...

Lucky's story is pretty incredible and his future will be in helping people.

Lucky was born with a bum paw that didn't work (missing wrist bones!).  He had his two surgeries (leg amputation and umbilical hernia) last week and he is doing really well living life as a “tripawd.” Everything went really smooth and he was able to go home after a night at Portland Veterinary Specialists. Lucky was right back to acting like a puppy the morning he went home, but he has to take it easy for a couple weeks so that everything heals ok.


Lucky was named by the kids at Leeds Central School, where his eventual role will be that of a therapy dog for the kids there.

Lucky's person is Christy Gardner, an amazing person in her own right with her own therapy dog Moxie. As one person pointed out, Lucky doesn't only inspire - so does Christy. A veteran, paralympian, Adaptive Athlete that doesn’t take NO for an answer. 

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Rinck Advertising


I can't wait to see what this little guy does as he heels not only himself, but those around him.

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