Lawmakers here in Maine are pushing to extend last call by an hour... from 1am to 2am.

The proposal to allow bars to stay open later has been debated before, and defeated as recently as 2015.

The Press Herald has reported that a new bill has been submitted to change last call again, and there isn't much opposition.

Supporters argue that letting bars stay open an extra hour would increase revenue, and allow Maine establishments to better compete with other New England states and Canada during the summer months. A pretty big complaint among tourists seems to be our early closing time.

Opponents say that because the proposed law allows towns to decide whether they'll opt-in to the new time, some towns might decide to keep closing time at 1am, prompting drinkers to get in their cars and drive to other bars in nearby towns, raising the danger of travel on the roads late at night.

The last time the legislature tried to change closing time, the bill failed.

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