You know what, this time, it truly wasn't you, it was me.

Location: Spring Point Headlight, South Portland, Maine.

Before you destroy me in the comment section, yes, I do understand that dogs should always be on leashes in public, unless determined otherwise on a sign.

So again, yes, I'm taking full accountability that my dog Maverick was absolutely running free against the rules. In full transparency, his recall is better off leash rather than on, which is something not everybody knows at first when he goes romping up to them.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get into the shocking response of the lady on the beach holding her own dog tight on a leash as Maverick took off to her to say hello.

This lady had a very tense demeanor about her from afar. Maverick, the other dog & tense lady were about 75 feet away from me, so I couldn't get a grip on what the situation that was about to unfold was going to look like, but it didn't look good.

For lack of judging, she had one of those BIG bucket hats on with huge sunglasses. It was one of those bucket hats where you wear the drawstring in the front under your chin the correct way, which, I'm sorry, is usually a sign of a Karen. I am actually sorry that I thought to myself you were going to rip me apart for my free animal as I walked up to you to retrieve my dog.


As I made my way closer to finally meet her and her dog on the beach, I was preparing myself to keep a level head as she rips into me.

Bucket hat tense lady turns out to be the kindest human I may have ever met. She began our conversation by telling me how well-behaved my dog was off leash and that as much as she'd love to let her dog be free, he'd never listen recall the way Maverick does.


She asked me if Maverick likes to swim and if I'd like to let our pups romp around the beach together. I felt so terrible at this point I ended up telling her "I'm so sorry, I thought you were going to yell at me", which then led us to break out in laughter as our dogs swam in the ocean together.

Bucket Hat then gifted Maverick her extra tennis ball since our children got along so well together. Fast forward to next week, and we have a doggy play date at the same beach in South Portland. Life is funny.

Moral of the story, and easier said than done, but don't judge a book by its cover. Something I actively try to live by every day, but I dropped the ball on it this day.

I'm sorry kind bucket hat tense lady, and I'll see you next week!

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