You can feel how you want about this. I just write the stories.

Apparently, there is a buffet in Auburn that has figured out how to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, if germaphobes loathed buffets before I could understand them being a bit skittish now, but the owners of Lotus Restaurant in Auburn have devised a plan to make people feel less fearful, according to WGME.

The restaurant now only allows people to food stations one at a time, the news station reported, and they are operating at 25% capacity (per state mandate), with only employees authorized to serve portions from each station.

This is an attempt to curb the number of people of touching utensils and slow the spread of potentially harmful viruses or bacteria.

Not exactly sure why this process wasn't developed for buffets years ago, but it seems these are the measures that are being taken now.

There's no doubt that buffets across the country that want to stay open, whether they're mom and pops or large national chains, will make similar changes to keep their doors open.

Do you have a favorite buffet that used to take your family to? Will this encourage you to return? What are your thoughts?

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