If you're a cat lover, this is right up your alley. This cat lounge in Westbrook is where you can relax with friends and shelter cats, and maybe even take one home with you.

MEown Cat Lounge on Main Street in Westbrook is owned by Anne Beal, who has had 20 years of experience working with family pets through her pet boarding/sitting business, in addition to offering foster care for numerous local shelters and rescue groups. She also loves cards and games, so she combined her two loves into MEow Lounge. The ME is capitalized for Maine of course.

MEow lounge is kind of like a kitty vacation. They work with local shelters to house cats that are up for adoption, but it's not like any other pet rescue business you would normally see.

MEow Lounge is a place for people who love cats to come spend time with them in a home-like environment. You have to make a reservation and pick a time for how long you would like to spend and pay a fee for that time.

There's a lot to do with the cats at MEow Lounge. Events are scheduled regularly such as game nights, clay crafting, yoga with cats, and belly dancing classes, where a cat just may decide to join you.. Cats pretty much do whatever they want, you know.

MEow Lounge is very active on their Facebook page, posting lots of photos every day like this one of Sasha, who is just getting a stretch in, but looks like she's shocked and surprised.

If you want to learn more about MEow Lounge or book your appointment to visit the cats, just go to meowcatlounge.com.

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