Here comes the warmer weather, bonfires, beaches, bar-b-ques and of course bugs. The black flies have already arrived and so have the ticks. Those little sneaky buggers that crawl on you but you can't feel it and then they decide to stay awhile, and get their head under your skin, and possibly give you some disease as a thanks for the hospitality, all while drinking your blood. These guys are no joke, I'm horrified to get bitten by that Lone Star tick that makes you allergic to pork and red meat.

Public health officials in Maine say now is the time for residents to start taking precautions to avoid Lyme and other diseases in the state. The Maine CDC reports more than 1,400 confirmed and probable cases of Lyme disease in Maine last year according to the Associated Press.

Start doing daily tick checks as soon as today if you're spending any time where ticks are known to be. Make sure to always use repellent and wear protective clothing, tuck your socks into your pants. Here are some more tips to help keep you and the family tick (and disease) free this summer.


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