These are weird times, man.

The once-bustling city of Portland is now a ghost town. Schools are closed for weeks. Businesses are sending employees home to work remotely or to ride out the pandemic and wait and see what happens. Restaurants are closing or adjusting to take-out and delivery only options.

What about places of worship?

Last weekend many churches across the state offered services on Facebook Live or their respective websites in addition to, or instead of, the regular service.

This week, Governor Mills advised against gatherings of 10 or more, thus churches are shifting, modifying, and adapting. Most, if equipped with the capabilities, will be shifting to online services, some sharing their services with other churches.

Catholics, however, are faced with a unique challenge, what to do about confession?

For those unaware of the practice, according to Bangor Daily News, "confession is an opportunity for believers to consult with priests about their sins and ask for forgiveness," and now in the time of social distancing this practice, often done in close quarters, needed to be modified.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland announced the new procedure on their website recently. Essentially, confession can now be done drive-thru style.


Multiple priests throughout the state are offering the service. You can get all the details and full schedule here.

If COVID-19 has proven anything it's that we're all adaptable. Whether it be with our jobs, our social lives, or our faith practices. As almost anyone of faith will tell you, church is much more than a building.

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