I grew up in the town of South Paris, Maine, and I can tell you that of all the intersections in Maine, my hometown has the one that can be the most confusing and dangerous unless you're very familiar with it.

Here's what Market Square looked like 100 years ago.

Public Domain
Public Domain

And here's what it looks like today.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Not a whole lot of difference in 100 years, but traffic is a lot heavier than in the horse-drawn carriage days.

Market Square is where Routes 26 and 117 split, with 117 merging with Route 119. Confused yet? Route 26 heads west toward Bethel, and 117 and 119 go east toward Turner.

Here's the kicker. Traffic comes from three directions into the square at the same point, with drivers entering from the south on Route 26 being the only ones who do not have to stop. Having grown up here, this all makes sense to me, but a lot of drivers screw it all up.

Thankfully, comedian Donny Pelletier has a hilarious Market Square tutorial for you that he posted on his Instagram. Maine's finest athlete explains, as only a true Mainer who travels through South Paris to Sunday River can, how to navigate the square. Listen carefully though. You also might want to take some notes.

Donny Pelletier is actually Maine mogul skiing Olympian Troy Murphy, who came in fourth in the Men's Moguls competition in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Donny is his alter ego. You rarely see Troy ever since Donny blew up on social media. You can't get any more Maine than with a name like Donny Pelletier.

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