Origin is a company based in Farmington, Maine. They manufacture and distribute items focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From Gis and rashguards to nutritional products and more.

Origin, like many other companies, has found themselves wanting to do something to help in this pandemic. But what?

One week ago they posted this on their Instagram:

They had the ability to make protective masks but did it make sense? As it turns out, yes. The demand was huge. So they, like many businesses, flipped the switch. Changed up their normal so they could help. Here's how it all began:

Does it work better than the coveted surgical masks? No, but something is much better than nothing. Plus, these masks have a pocket to add a filter of your choice to increase protection. Not to mention, the masks keep your hands off your face which is one of the most important things the CDC is recommending right now. As said in the video below, the masks will be made indefinitely until this is all over.

As time went on new ideas for protective wear were born.

The State of Maine even jumped on board ordering Origin's masks.

Being located in Farmington, Origin prioritized helping the local fire department who have already been through so much since the explosion that occured at the LEAP Inc. building back in September which took the life of one member of the department and injured several others.

Inspired by Rosie the Riveter, owner Pete Roberts, surprised his largely female crew with masks of their own that you can get for yourself here.

Then the masks were put to the test and the results were exactly what they were hoping for.

I dare you to not be inspired and encouraged after watching the videos.

Thank you, Origin. For stepping up in a way that proves you represent all that is the heart and soul of Maine. Thank you for helping. Thank you for thinking outside of the box. I will be ordering my mask today.

If you would like The Defender mask for yourself or your business, they can be ordered from their website here.

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