Watch out... we got a bad dude on the loose.

Whoever would go around wantonly stealing sewer covers ought to be taken off the streets!

...before he falls in!

The Portland Press Herald is reporting that Augusta man David H. Dickens, 29, faces multiple indictments and charges stemming from allegedly stealing manhole covers from Green street in Augusta.

The story on the PPH website is a great read - right down to quotes from the passerby who noticed that the covers weren't there anymore.

The best part? Each one of these things weighs hundreds of pounds.

Real hardened criminals go for the big stuff like this.

“You have to work hard to remove a manhole cover,” Brian Tarbuck, general manager of the Greater Augusta Utility District, told the Press Herald. “They weigh a lot; we use industrial magnets with levers to lift them off. They have to be pretty heavy to support certain weights and make sure trucks don’t run over them and pop them off.”

Stay safe out there!

Kennebec County
Kennebec County

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