Well it's about time...

Ask any woman who has had to buy feminine hygiene products, and they will tell you a couple of things: 1) they are expensive and 2) they are NO LUXURY.

But Maine (and most other states) include tampons and pads and all that fun stuff under 'Grocery Staples' and so it ends up being taxed as a 'luxury good'. Yup. A luxury good. Ya know...cuz it's super luxurious spending 8 bucks a box on tampons.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Denise Tepler, a Democrat from Topsham, would remove sales tax on tampons and other feminine products.

State Senator Cathy Breen, a Democrat from Falmouth, reached out via Facebook to share the news. She had this to say:

Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury item, they are an essential item for women and girls all across the state and this country. Maine should not profit from the sale of a medical and biological necessity, and I am pleased that we have finally voted to correct this error in our tax code, Removing this outdated tax is a step towards economic fairness for women and girls of all income brackets.


It's not a law yet, they have to fund it...but they will and women all over Maine get to stop paying a sales tax.

*Special thanks to Sen. Cathy Breen for keeping me in the loop and always messaging me on the progress of this bill. I have been bothering Cathy for about 3 years now...and she's never acted bothered one bit.

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