Help Maine fishermen out and grab curbside some lobster for dirt bottom prices!

So many people have been hurt, some devastated, by the coronavirus shutting down everything. People have become clever in trying to get what you want to you.

Fishermen are trying to stay afloat and have decided to organize a Facebook Group: Maine Fish Direct: Help Maine's Fisherman While Feeding Your Family.

Steamers, clams, rock crabs and of course lobsters. Some fishermen selling lobsters for 4 dollars a pound.

Get into the group and see what the offers are, then meet up and get some great seafood for the family!

I don't know about you, but with kids home 24/7 we are going through a lot of food. Coming up with things to eat that will fill them to keep snacking down is a challenge. Most definitely planning on a lobster feast!

Try to help (while NUMBER ONE BEING SAFE) any business you know of.

Be safe and grab some butter!

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