It's a small world. Katie Brown, the executive director  of 'The Locker Project' recently wrote to Secret Santa Portland....


Here's the recent email that Secret Santa Portland received and shared with me...

"Dear Secret Santa (Portland), You made such a difference in my life in 2013.


I lost my beloved job that week in December but I already had a plane ticket to visit my dad in Florida and you met those of us getting on a Concord bus for Logan airport. I'm the worst for following up with thank-you letters, and I saved your envelope with the address for years, and sometimes still find it, intending to drop a note about that day and the years since and to say Thank you, again.


Losing that job was one of the worst psychological impacts on me I've experienced, but 3 months later I started a nonprofit organization with a friend that has grown with such a successful track record, providing food for kids who need it, and I needed to lose that other job for this to happen. So many steps along the way I've thought of you and what you do and what that day at the bus station did to start lightening my heart again. Big, big cheers to you. Happy retirement. I hope all your years are just as fun.


Thanks, again. -Katie Brown"


Secret Santa Portland retired this year and moved to Florida. But we have been chatting this season. He also sent up (via an elf) 3,000 dollars for the Q to hand out 100 dollars at a time to help spread the holiday cheer.

The stories from this experience are incredible. Katie's story is nothing short of miraculous. She runs 'The Locker Project'. Their mission is pretty straightforward:

The Locker Project connects food-insecure children in Maine with nourishing food to improve their learning capacity, health, and future.


Please help Katie in her mission to end childhood hunger in Maine.





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