Secret Santa Portland has handed out thousands of dollars to random people for years. But he retired. Inspired by SSP, we welcome Secret Santa Maine.


Secret Santa Portland (it really is a secret, we have no idea who this generous man is) had for years given away 20,000 dollar every year, 100 dollars at a time,to random people in the greater Portland area for over six years now.

He has asked us to help him and has given us nearly 10,000 dollars to hand out over the years!


It's been amazing going and changing people's days...and sometimes lives with this kind gesture. I was able to give out 3,000 dollars - 100 at a time.


Secret Santa has but one hope. That those on the lucky end of the 100 dollars, spread that feeling with an act of kindness. You don't need to give anyone 100 dollars, but perhaps you could hold a door open. Say hello, when you normally wouldn't.

As Secret Santa Portland retires in Florida, a new pair is in town. Secret Santa Maine. They handed out money last year for the first time!

This picture says it all. As we wish Secret Santa Portland well and thank him for all he has done in the past 7 years...we will help spread Secret Santa Maine's message as much as possible. Please feel free to follow along and suggest where Secret Santa Maine should go!

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