Secret Santa may have retired and calls Florida home now, but he still has his elves in Maine to help spread holiday cheer...including the Q.


Lori gets to be Secret Santa's elf and help spread some surprise holiday cheer 100 dollars at a time! Inside each envelope is not just a 100 dollar bill, but also a note.

Secret Santa's goal is pretty straight forward - spread holiday cheer and hopefully spark the spirit of giving. Maybe we can start a 'pay it forward' chain.

Do you have any suggestions on where we should go? I will be traveling all over Maine from Sanford to Oxford and places in between. If you have suggestions, please let us know!

Getting the honor of being Secret Santa's elf is tremendous. Giving really does make you feel good to your bones.

Whether Secret Santa touches you with a surprise 100 dollar bill, please pay it forward with any act of kindness. It really does make a difference.