We're headed into the holiday season a lot quicker than many of us would like to think. Did you blink and miss summer? I sure did!

Before you know it, we'll be sitting down at the Thanksgiving table with family and friends enjoying turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, and to top it all off, dessert.

There's no doubt that pie is the dessert of choice for the holidays, and there always seems to be plenty to choose from after dinner is over and we sit down to watch football. That's a good thing though, because everyone has their favorite pie, and with any luck, yours will be at the table.

But did you ever wonder what Maine's favorite pie was? We have the answer, and Maine is the only one that chose this pie as their favorite.


WiseVoter.com published the results of a survey in 2022 of the most popular pies in each state. What they didn't publish is their methodology on how they determined what the favorite pie in each state is, so we're stuck on taking their word on it without any data to back it up. Looking at the results though, it seems right on point for New England.

Let's run down each New England state's favorite pie, shall we?

New Hampshire - Apple Pie

Apple Pie
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New Hampshire can't get any more American than good 'ole apple pie. It was the second most popular pie in the country. The rest of New Hampshire's top five favorite pies were pumpkin, key lime, pecan, and blueberry.

Vermont - Coconut Cream Pie

whole coconut cream pie
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Vermont is cuckoo for coconut cream pie, along with Arkansas and Idaho. The rest of the top five of Vermont's favorite pies were peanut butter, pumpkin, blueberry, and key lime.

Massachusetts - Apple Pie

Apple Pie
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Like New Hampshire, Massachusetts loves its apple pie. The rest of the top five of Massachusetts' favorite pies were coconut cream, pumpkin, pecan, and blueberry.

Connecticut - Sweet Potato Pie

Humana Healthy Holiday Cooking Challenge
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I've never been a fan of sweet potato pie, but I don't live in Connecticut, so I guess that makes sense because they love it. The rest of the top five of Connecticut's favorite pies were coconut cream, pumpkin, pecan, and apple.

Rhode Island - Chocolate Cream Pie

chocolate cream pie isolated on white

Rhode Island chose chocolate cream pie as their favorite. The only other state to do so was Kentucky. The rest of the top five of Rhode Island's favorite pies were blueberry, apple, key lime, and pumpkin.

Maine - Rhubarb Pie

Piece of fresh strawberry and rhubarb pie on a plate

Maine is the only state in the country that chose rhubarb as its favorite pie. A handful of other states had it on their top five lists, but it is by no means one of the most popular pies in the country. I do love me some rhubarb pie, especially the strawberry rhubarb version. The rest of the top five of Maine's favorite pies were coconut cream, apple, blueberry, and key lime. Surprisingly, pumpkin pie didn't make the top five for Maine. I can't even imagine Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

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