Meteorologist Ryan Breton

Maine was lucky enough to call Ryan Breton one of its meteorologists for almost a handful of years, arriving at NEWS CENTER MAINE back in May 2017 and informing the 207 on what was happening weather wise until he left for a job in Hartford, Connecticut, back in November 2021.

However, while in Maine, Ryan made and still has many connections that he keeps today. He's also never forgotten his time in Northern New England, and his parents make sure that the public up here never forgets Ryan, either.

Ryan Breton via Instagram
Ryan Breton via Instagram

Halloween Weatherman Scarecrow

It's become a Halloween tradition for Ryan's parents to either pay tribute to or prank their son with a likeness of Ryan appearing in their front yard.

Back in 2021, Ryan posed next to the scarecrow likeness of him constructed by his parents, folded arms and all, complete with NEWS CENTER MAINE emblem on its breast pocket.

And, even though Ryan is reporting weather down in Connecticut as mentioned earlier, he still made the trip to his parents' New Hampshire home to pose for and take what has become an annual tradition picture with his scarecrow likeness, this year sporting his new Hartford station's logo -- FOX 61.

Whether it's indeed a prank or a tribute, not only do we love seeing Ryan absolutely crush it in his career, but you can't help but love the fact that at the end of the day, the Ryan Breton Scarecrow positioned on the front lawn of Ryan's parents' house is clearly a message of love and pride for all their son has accomplished.

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