There are two kinds of people that live in Maine. Those that love winter and those that hate winter. Those that love it have no problems with cold temperatures, lots of snow, and clearing their driveways. Some, like me, prefer the summer months in Maine when that air doesn't hurt your face.

Sometimes the long range forecasts go in favor of the winter lover and sometimes it gives a kiss to the people that hate the cold. This news is for the people who hate the cold.

According to News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson, a run of the computer models are suggesting that there won't be any arctic air in Maine right up to mid February. The model in question is the Euro, one of several models that meteorologists look at to get create their forecasts. History has shown it tends to be a bit more reliable than the GFS model that is widely used as well.

In a post on Facebook, Keith lays it out with a look at what the Euro spit out and it's headed to the milder side of things.


When you're looking at temps like these forecast in January, you have to think that this Euro might be on to something.

Now it's important to remember, that forecasting the weather is predicting the future which has never been 100% accurate. As a kid, I predicted I would grow up to be the host of The Price is Right after Bob Barker retired, and we all know how that worked out, don't we?

So don't hold anyone to it, but we could be in for a stretch of mild weather for a while.

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