Izzy’s Cheesecake, has been the place to get the best cheesecake for 35 years and is now closed.

Izzy's Cheesecake Facebook
Izzy's Cheesecake Facebook

They posted on Facebook about the decision.


According to the Portland Press Herald, Izzy’s Cheesecake said they were closing because the market...well, it just ain't what it used to be and they couldn't continue.

It was founded and has been on Walnut Street in Portland since 1985 when it was founded by David 'Izzy' Izenstatt.

Some of their more popular flavors were Maine Blueberry Swirl and Stout Mocha Turtle.

Sadly, news like this is all too common these days. Yet another long standing business in Maine closing it's doors. I don't know what the changing economic conditions will bring...but I know what it's closing.

Thank you Dave for not taking your BU history major and going in that direction. Thank you for the past 35 years of taking your mom's cheesecake making to a whole new level.




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