Is it the location or the people that are actually dangerous when it comes to driving?

I mean, I've seen some real safe roads with some real dangerous drivers, but it looks like Maine takes a top spot when it comes to danger.

Stacker just shocked me with this list of the most dangerous states to drive in. However, it's all calculated.

And surprisingly, Maine is not near the bottom.

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Stacker used the Federal Highway Administration's 2020 Highway Statistics report to rank states by the fatalities per billion miles traveled. 

Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

As per the Federal Highway Administration's Highway Statistics Report, they've recorded the amount of fatalities per billion miles traveled in each state, which was then compared to national averages.

Let's just look at the New England area.

Massachusetts ranks #51 on this list. I'm sure you've witnessed the wild goose chase that is considered directions in Boston. How does Maine still stand more dangerous than a major city like that?

Connecticut comes in at #44, still considered less dangerous than Maine to drive through. Seriously? Have you ever been able to drive through this state without punching your steering wheel while getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic?

Maine is ranked #28. The 28th most dangerous state in the U.S. is Maine? REALLY? We're basically all back country roads, where your biggest threat is the random moose you might come across if you're up north.

If I had to pinpoint some dangerous places around here though, I'd just go ahead and group in all rotaries. Mainers seem to forget how to drive the second they have to exit a circle. It's hilarious.

More specifically, I'd say the new rotary over by Deering Oaks has become dangerous, mostly because nobody is used to it yet.

And from what I've witnessed, drivers seem to confuse themselves right into the wrong exit.

Anyway, were you surprised by the rankings? Either way, be safe out there driving!

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