One of my friends sent me a screenshot of a viral TikTok going around. It involves a mother claiming she doesn't feel obligated to return her grocery cart to where it belongs in the parking lot, all because she has children. To me, it sounds like because she has children, she believes she's now exempt from doing the right thing and walking the extra ten feet to return the cart to the cart corral.

So anyways, I wanted to throw this question to all the moms out there in Maine, and see how you feel about this wild statement. Do you agree that since you have children with you, you're exempt from returning your cart to its rightful home so that it doesn't damage another person's car? Or are you airing on the side of agreeing with her? In the comments section, I'd also love to see a detailed description of why you agree with her, just because I'm truthfully so interested in your responses.

I'll never forget when I was in college and had my own cart accident while working as a server to pay for my classes. I had been working a double for 14 hours straight, and when I finally got cut from my shift, I walked out to find my car's headlight smashed in and a shopping cart from a customer resting on my hood. I was saving up for classes, but now, my savings had to take a back seat and go directly towards fixing my headlight. So I'll be honest, my opinion of those who can't take the extra minute to return their cart isn't a good one. I think it's lazy, I think you're putting other people at risk, and I think putting the cart back is a good move to practice, especially if you have children. That way, you can set a good example for them.

What are your thoughts?

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