has selected the States With the Worst Winters, ranked by how miserable they are- the winters, not the states.  Maine has made the top 5, but maybe it's a matter of prospective.

The list compares northern Maine's winters with that of the winter in the HBO series Game of Thrones:

... northern Maine has winters that are only really spoken about in Game of Thrones -- brutal and never-ending and likely on par with The Long Night.

The list acknowledges a more moderate winter for coast regions of Maine due closer proximity to the Atlantic ocean.

The writers do seem impressed by our attitude towards winter, describing it as "a great one", in that we embrace the cold and snow by playing in it, like skiing.  I think they're missing snowmobiling, however, but they're city folk.  We'll let it slide.

Lastly the article does address the differences of attitude towards winter from fellow New Englanders in Boston:

...they tend to be much more upbeat than say, us Bostonians, who always like to pretend that we’re getting it the worst and thus are the strongest.

The top five of the list included Maine at number five, North Dakota, Alaska, Michigan and, coming in at the number one spot, Minnesota.

It's only logical that Maine would appear on this list but it is important to give a nod to these writers for addressing the Mainer attitude because without it we don't survive The Long Winter.

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