The Maine State Police Headquarters posted a photo this morning to remind us all that the pleasant November weather we'll experience this week isn't typical. In fact, it was one year ago today that we were slammed with snow.

I have mixed feelings about snow. I think I'm lucky to live in a beautiful state where the weather is constantly changing to create new scenery. That being said, if all I had to do was sit in my warm house under a cozy blanket with coffee and gaze out the window onto the gently falling snow, while all my loved ones also got to sit home and stay off the roads, then I would love snow. Of course, this is not the case.

Snow makes it much more difficult to do the things I need to do like drive to work, get exercise, and maintain a social life. It also makes me worry because I know my friends and family have to be out on the road when conditions are treacherous. Regardless of the snow driving skills they've acquired through years of living through Maine winters, other drivers and unexpected situations pose unknown threats.

Are you looking forward to the impending snowfall? How do you make the most of the snowy season?

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