Maine and New Hampshire are bursting at the seams with breathtaking scenery and iconic landmarks that make everyone want to visit and locals can technically enjoy every day.

There's something for everyone. We're talking quaint villages, awesome theme parks, beautiful spots in nature, and so much more.

And while there are plenty of hidden gems out there to discover and explore, there are several staple spots to visit that should be checked off on everyone's bucket list.

Picture this: the rugged coastline of Maine, adorned with majestic lighthouses like the legendary Portland Head Light. And that's not just a lighthouse; it's a symbol of maritime history, a beacon of hope, and let's be real, the ultimate backdrop for an envy-inducing Instagram post.

And let's not forget New Hampshire, home to the mighty Mount Washington, standing tall and proud like a guardian of the Granite State. This mountain isn't just famous; it's record-breaking. Who can forget that record wind chill it unleashed in February 2023? According to PBS, the wind chill hit -108 Fahrenheit. Now that's cold.

Those are just two spots you should be checking out.

So whether you're from away planning on a vacation or you've lived in the area forever, here are five places in Maine and five in New Hampshire you've got to visit at least once in your lifetime. These may seem like obvious choices, but they're obvious places people should visit for a reason.

10 Maine and New Hampshire Spots You Have to Visit

Gallery Credit: Sean McKenna

Have you checked off all these iconic spots from your bucket list already? What spots did we miss? No matter what, there's so much great stuff to enjoy in Maine and New England, that this list should only be the beginning.

Let us know some other places that should be on your Maine and New Hampshire places to visit list.

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