Coming off of mental health awareness month (May) and starting up a new month really got me thinking. I didn't want the openness of communicating what our brains are really feeling to go away. I love the fact that we're showcasing mental health for a month. It's inspiring, it's beautiful, and it shows that the world isn't just a bunch of robots operating without feelings. So why stop there?

Bullying has been a huge subject that has been so close to me for so many years, since it's had both negative and positive impacts on how I live my life. The struggle of being a victim of bullies is not for the weak, and I promised myself from the moment we launched Krissy in the Morning that I'd use my platform to help. Too many of us don't understand the huge impact bullying can have on young minds in the developmental stage of their life.  I want to change that and normalize kindness over ganging up on the outcast.


So let's keep it going past May. Let's make anti-bullying a year round, everyday thing. This morning, I had our Q97.9 listeners call the show and fill in this blank:


That's the campaign. Think about what is it that makes you happy in your day-to-day life, and put that in front of bullying. Continue to practice that positive mindset rather than bullying on a hard day. Fill in that blank in your mind on the hard days. What is cooler than bullying to you? Fill in that blank on the good days. Spread the practice of filling in that blank daily to keep yourself and others on the right track.

Every Friday on my morning show, I'm dedicating the 8am hour of Fire Flame Fridays to filling in that blank with you, Maine. The movement starts here with the platforms, but only grows with your help. This morning was very humbling, witnessing the amount of people that participated in filling in the blank. As this campaign grows into tee-shirts and school appearances, I want you to know that it doesn't become successful without your voice as well. Together, we can domino effect this fill-in-the-blank campaign until its seen, heard, and understood, which is where making a difference starts. Reading this article is COOLER THAN BULLYING. 

Here's an example of the impact just one person can make when you're feeling extra sad. This was one of my favorite moments in my radio career:

I'd also like to extend this offer. If you attend, work at, or know any school districts that would like me to come tell my story and inspire the youth to act with kindness, please let me know. I'd love nothing more than to spend time with younger minds and help them mold themselves into better people than those who choose bullying. Please feel free to either call my show in the morning and ask, shoot me a DM on instagram @krissytradio, or text our Q97.9 app. If you ask, I'll be there! Talking it out is COOLER THAN BULLYING.

Reach out. Anytime, anywhere.


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