Guys! 360 days have already gone by since we switched up the radio scene in Maine and launched a brand new morning show on Q97.9 called Krissy in the Morning. It has been such a wonderful year getting to meet those of you that I've never talked to before on the air, and it has been truly wonderful to reconnect on the Q with those of you that I've spoken to when I was on-air in different states.

One of the more unique things about this move was the transparency between Lori, Jeff & I as we all made the switch. Lori & Jeff created a new morning show on our sister station WHOM, as I took over on the Q.  Typically in situations like this, there's not a lot of communication before the actual move happens. However, in our unique situation, we were all in on the process and became very good friends because of it. Life is cool. We all were able to help each other transition into our new roles, and I truly believe that the bond is so positive, it made both of our shows better.

One year later, and I've made some truly wonderful friends through phone calls during the show, some of whom might even be in my wedding (one day), hehe. I've learned so much about broadcasting a single-person morning show and the hardships it presents, but it only forces me to learn and become a better personality than I was the day before. In just one year, I've never felt more connected with our community than I do right now. We have a lot of wonderful memories to come, and I can't wait to host another year with you. Without you, I wouldn't be able to create such a fun & interactive show every morning. So thank you, Maine, for allowing me to be a part of your morning. Truly, I adore you.

xo Krissy

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