This has been one of the wildest work weeks of my life, thanks to the awesome band Shinedown. We're holding a contest on my morning show called "tradio", where listeners call in with the weirdest item in their possession and agree to trade me it for a pair of tickets to our once-in-a-lifeitme event, Downtown with Shinedown.

Since I know how much this band means to a lot of our listeners, I knew that an exclusive, invite-only performance concert with the members of the band at Aura in Portland, Maine, would be such a sought-after ticket. I had to make sure the winner was a serious, die-hard Shinedown fan. I popped up the audio on our Q97.9 instagram earlier if you want to listen to the way these wild Shinedown fans frantically called into my show live:

Here's the top 10 weirdest items people wanted to trade me from this week:

1. Baby Teeth
2. A Monkey Brain
3. Umbilical Cord Clamp
4. A Piece of their son's umbilical cord
5. A Suitcase of rotten potatoes under their bed
6. Bellybutton lint
7. A 20 year-old dead monarch butterfly
8. An animals skull they skinned a dead squirrel for
9. Granpa's ashes
10. A collection of porcelain dolls

I'll be honest, I knew Mainers were different, but I didn't realize we were THIS type of different. I had to get up, leave my studio, and take a fresh air break walk around my building because of how disturbed I was at the amount of humans who held onto a piece of their child's umbilical cords. Cute, I guess. I get it's sentimental, but oh my god am I queasy. Thanks for making the show so interesting this week. I've still got another pair of invites tomorrow morning on Krissy in the Morning at 8am, and every day next week until Thursday, May 23, 2024.

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