The impact on Maine's restaurants from the coronavirus has been huge.

Over the last month and a half, many restaurants have had to close their doors. Many others have adjusted to curbside and takeout only. Others are waiting out the crisis for now.

Erik's Church, located in Windham has pulled out all the stops in hopes that they can reopen as soon as possible. The restaurant, desperate to reopen the dining room even went so far as to create a video to send to Governor Mills' office.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The video outlines plans for mandatory reservations, increased table sanitation, hand sanitizer at every table, staff rocking masks, as well as one use menus, napkins, dishes, and silverware.

In addition to the video is their written proposal which you can read here:

So what do you think? Should other restaurants follow suit? Would these changes make you feel safe enough to go out to eat? Let us know your thoughts via the app!

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