The biggest storm of the season has already begun and with these big nor'easters there are a few things we know for sure:

1. Schools will be canceled.
2. Our backs will hurt from shoveling.
3. People will forget to drive.

Honestly, I feel like there was anticipatory forgetfulness after coming home from work Monday afternoon. The bold (stupid) maneuvers along Forest Ave, as well as people forgetting what blinkers are for and what a speed limit is, both going too fast and too slow. It was absolutely bonkers.

That is only a taste of what is to come tomorrow, I'm sure. I'm not sure what it is about winter weather that renders folks stupid. Nerves, I can understand but there's always more than that on the road.

People who fail to clean off their car, bros in their lifted trucks thinking they're invincible, and people forgetting that roads can be just plain slippery.

King Eider's Pub in Damariscotta called out this reality in their recently updated sign.

So as you gear up to venture out into the storm, don't be a nincompoop! Take a deep breath and remember you're a Mainer. You've got this! But also don't be too confident, okay?

Stay safe!

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