MassLive is reporting the traffic stop of the year.
A Massachusetts man was nabbed by the Maine State Police just over the border in Kittery on Friday after a trooper saw him driving a scooter using just his cell phone as a highlight.

Oh yeah... he also didn't have a valid driver's license, and the scooter was... you guessed it - unregistered. Looks like he had a great data plan on that cell phone, though.

The moron told the police that he made it all the way to Kittery from New Bedford, Massachusetts before he was stopped. Seriously, we're surprised that his cell phone battery lasted that long.

The State Police were so impressed with this fine upstanding model of transportation safety, they put him on Instagram.

Unfortunately we don't know if this guy was arrested, or just issued citations. But we did learn something: Maine State Police said mopeds and motorized scooters are not allowed on the turnpike. Who knew?

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